Our client, Capco, required a temporary extension of its developer consulting team in order to develop a prototype analysis tool Edge. This solution was designed to support the deployment of financial regulations across investment companies, such as Commerzbank A.G. Axis Applications was hired to bring in expertise in application development


During our involvement with UBS A.G., Axis Applications Limited was contracted as a part of larger group committed to a development of a state-of-art investment robo-adviser. The solution developed relied on a sophisticated risk-model and AI-driven evaluation logic. The system interviewed a potential client about his risk preferences and monetary resources.


Our developers are commonly required to work and expand or integrate within existing systems or several connected systems. From time to time, our team members need to either create or re-factor selected modules of a client’s solution. In this project, our main focus was to enhance the workings of event-driven analytics


A key element of our work with the UK Government consisted of migrating the existing systems portfolio to a strategic Kubernetes cluster. This required a close working relationship with their DevOps team. Strategic changes in the cluster required the re-design of the current release process. The key challenges in implementation this